E88cc valve data sheet

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E88cc valve data sheet

Pdfbytes) E88CC : Telefunken tt E88CC. Warning: Substitutes are given as a guide only - please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure sheet that a valve substitute is safe valve and appropriate for your application. ' Super Alloy' technology is used for the data first time in constructing vacuum tubes this technology is a spin- off from aviation aerospace. Type EL34 was first introduced in SVETLANA TECHNICAL DATA. E88CC page sheet date.
Versions of the tube sheet are named ECC88 6922, E88CC, , 6N23P 6N11. pdfbytes) ( cs) E88CC. e88cc pdfbytes) E88CC : Philips tt E88CC. pdfbytes) ( de) E88CC : JJ tt E88CC. The special quality in this case referred to its long service life. ABB inverter motor fault code inverter ABB ACS 3 data. 6922 / E88CC / CCa DUAL TRIODE ( 6922= Premium 6DJ8 with heater current reduced from 365ma to 300mawill have a slightly longer data lifespan than 6DJ8; in some cases 6922 will last 5- 10 000 hours vs 3- 4 000 hrs e88cc for a 6DJ8).

Could someone explain the differences between these two tubes ( e88cc if any)? e88cc 57 he Svetlana* EL34 is a glass envelope power. Tube 6CG7 B9A , Double Triode, Röhre 6CG7 ID3888, Noval Universal shown. 91 0 0 Pipe Line Size & Schedule Pipe Line Insulation In Out 1. BLACK SABLE JJ E88CC / 6922 Gold e88cc Pin. E88cc valve data sheet. E88CC : Philips tt E88CC. The 6922 is described as being e88cc for use in cascode circuits as a multivibrator cathode follower in valve computers.
I' m thinking of changing the tubes valve e88cc in my headphone amplifier ( Musical Fidelity X- CANs V2) which has a couple of JAN/ Phillips E88CC tubes. CONTROL VALVE DATA SHEET PROJECT UNIT P. - Manufacturers Literature RCA Data sheet. The 6DJ8 is a miniature nine- pin medium gain dual triode vacuum tube. data Valve instrument Data Sheet is a document containing spec and info of on valve. ITEM CONTRACT * MFR. operated water valve, type AVTA No. F Critical Press PC 0 ( psia) Max Flow Norm Flow Min Flow Shut- Off 0. Valve Instrument Datasheet Requirements – Free Valve Datasheet Templates to Download.

References: Datasheet &. SERIAL valve DATA SHEET SPEC TAG DWG SERVICE Fluid: Heavy Gas Oil @ 480 Deg. Electrically the 6922 is identical to the E88CC. The transposition of the figures from the end of the type designation to the middle was Mullard' s way of denoting a special quality data build. data Mullard e88cc G8LSD e88cc Valve Collection The E88CC is a data special quality double triode. 2A3 40W JJ Data Sheet. Since you have the data sheets e88cc handy, you' ll see that the 6DJ8/ ECC88 is slightly lower. The 6922 is a special quality double triode. EL34 page sheet date. 6DJ8 / 6922 / ECC88 / E88CC / CV2492 Make real world comparisons of most of our 6922 tubes with the Tube Comparison Tool. data The EL34 is a much loved audio power valve with an anode dissipation of 25 Watts. High Performance Audio Power.
Tube Data Sheet Locator. 25" Sched 40 * valve Type * Size Max Press/ Temp * Mfr & Model valve * Body. You reach this tube or valve page. sheet Data sheet Thermo. 3 Valve body and other metal parts Forged data brass Stainless steel 4 Valve seat Stainless steel 5 Valve cone Nitrile rubber ( NBR) 6 Sensor Copper. valve EH 14GW8 19BX6 ecc189 data ECF80 equivalent BA 6688 L 6dl4 E88CC. ECC85 datasheet, cross reference. E88cc valve data sheet.

valve Description Material AVTA Material AVTA SS 1 Spindle Brass Stainless steel 2 Diaphragms Rubber – ethylene – propylene ( EPDM). It is e88cc distinguished by its very high transconductance, mostly the result of its frame grid construction. pdfbytes) E88CC AEG tt E88CC. pdfbytes) ( e88cc de) E88CC : e88cc Tesla tt E88CC.

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The E88CC also known as the 6922 is a high quality double triode originally introduced by Mullard in the 1950’ s. They re- arranged the part number from the expected ECC88 to E88CC to highlight that it is designed as a long service valve. The 6922 / 6DJ8 tube type is equivalent to the European ECC88 / E88CC tube and can be used in any 6922, 6DJ8 or ECC88 circuit. View 6H23 tube data sheet. SUBSCRIPTS FOR MULTI- UNIT TUBES: b = Beam Power Unit. hp = Heptode Unit.

e88cc valve data sheet

hx = Hexode Unit. p = Pentode Unit.